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Dedicated to celebrating the voices of openly adopted adoptees. Helping to provide words for those  who are trying to understand these unspeakably complicated and defining moments

Who We Are

Sometimes all it takes to change a person's world is a little support. Openly Adopted is here to support people searching to understand how open adoption has shaped who they are and the families they belong to.


Through shared stories, Openly Adopted is creating a unique collective to help people navigate from a sense of isolation, towards community, where lived experiences are fully seen and heard. We believe that sharing our stories and speaking our truth can make a difference in building community and fostering collective action. 


At Openly Adopted, we want to spread a message of hope and compassion to those searching for answers about family and identity. We invite those most affected by open adoption to have a voice in how others understand their experiences.

What We Do

We have built this space with the intention of amplifying the voices of open adoptees. 

The resources and information found here are intended for all adoptees and their experiences.

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Words from adoptees for adoptees


The story behind the project

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