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About the
Openly AdoptedForum

A few things before you join...

This forum was created by adoptees with the explicit intention of being an openly adopted adoptee-centered forum.


The goal of the forum is simple: provide a space for adoptees to give and receive support with other adoptees, all of whom are in the process of understanding and dealing with their adoption - whatever that may mean to them.


Wherever you may be on your adoption journey, please know that this space was made with you in mind.

Welcome to Openly Adopted Forum

Code of Conduct

  1. This is not a professional therapy or counseling group, we are a peer to peer group that is here to support each other. 
    We speak from our own experiences only. 


  2. When posting, share feelings and experiences. Use empathy and reflection. Share advice only if it is asked for.

  3. Everything shared here is only seen by fellow forum members and shall not leave the forum.
    If individuals would like to share something from a post, permission may be given for a specific post only. 


  4. All members accept members just as they are and where they are.
    Approach members with a sense of curiosity to avoid making judgements. 


  5. Sharing is encouraged, but not required. 

  6. This is a community - all members share a responsibility in making this forum a positive space.

Code of Conduct

Terms of Use

  1. This forum, and membership to this forum, is for adoptees only. 

  2. Members who violate the Terms of Use may be denied access.
    Forum posts in violation of the Terms of Use
     will immediately be removed.


  3. Members who violate the Code of Conduct will be given a warning, but if violations continue, they will be banned.

  4. No advertisements or solicitations for products or services are allowed.

  5. Everything that is posted here, stays here. No writing, information, images, or any other media in this forum shall be used outside this forum without permission from the poster, in writing. Anyone who violates this, taking media without permission of original poster, will be banned.

  6. This is a non-partisan space focused on the adoptee's experience. Do not express political views that are not related to an adoptee’s experience.

Terms of Use
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